Our History

Our Place in God's Story

The Cornerstone Board, previously operating as The Christian Parent’s Association, has been blessed to serve the communities across our district in various ways since 1980. This area reaches from Rainy River to Stratton, Barwick to Emo and Devlin to Fort Frances, with many stops along the way. The Christian Parents’ Association’s vision was to provide a connection between these communities, unifying them as a body of believers to serve the Lord in every corner of our district and beyond.

From Humble Beginnings

In 1974, the Mennonite Christian Fellowship Chapel (MCFC) in Stratton began a private school, called the Christian Day School, in their church building. By 1978, they were invited by the Rainy River District School Board (RRDSB) to come under their jurisdiction. In 1979, the school was annexed to the RRDSB with arrangements that benefitted both MCFC and the RRDSB. A good working relationship developed between the MCFC and the RRDSB.

The school expanded as parents from other churches began to send their children. A high school program was offered and Christian Day School now accommodated kindergarten to grade 12 students. It became known as The Annex, or Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program, since it was administered by the principal of Sturgeon Creek School.

In 1997, MCFC felt that they could no longer oversee the school. Consequently, the Christian Parents’ Association (CPA) took over the agreement with the RRDSB.

Over the years, as the buildings deteriorated, the need to rebuild became evident. In October 2010, the decision was made to relocate the school to Emo to make it more central to the district. Building began in the fall of 2012. This was a remarkable time in our history. The community of believers came together in a big way to complete this project. We now had a beautiful, new facility complete with a gym. In September 2014, the CPA began a privatized kindergarten program called Sonshine Christian Kindergarten. In 2022, the CPA and the RRDSB parted ways and Cornerstone Christian School was established.


Cornerstone Christian School is a testament to God’s faithfulness to the Christian community in the Rainy River District. In this exciting stage of our existence, we see His hand at work and hear His call to step out in faith to obediently serve Him in our school and community. We dedicate it all to Him!